Cooking/Serving Salt Plates

Cooking with Himalayan salt plates perfect chilled for serving sushi, salads, fruits & heated in the oven or a direct gas flame cooking vegetables & thinly sliced meats, fish, poultry, searing prawns & seafood. Cooking/Serving Salt Plates can be heated in the oven up to 400 degrees for searing fish, thinly sliced meats, or eggs tableside. They can also be refrigerated for serving Carpaccio, sashimi, fruits, vegetables, or deserts. They evenly cook food and impart a light salt seasoning adding depth of flavor and 84 essential minerals.

Cooking Instructions: Plates can be chilled in the freezer for the beautiful presentations of desserts ice cream fruits & cheese platter.

On Gas Range: Heat on a low flame until warm, gradually increasing to medium, then high until desired temperature is reached , generally around 15-20min.

For Oven: Heat at 250 degree for first 10 – 12minutes then increases to 400F.

For Crave: After use let cool completely to room temperature.

To Wash: Rinse lightly quickly, & scrub rigorously with a steel wool scrubby. Rinse again quickly do not use soap, do not place in dish wash. Do not SUBMERGE IN WATER. Dry with clean cotton.